Some of EBB´s Activities



Edited The Bach and Reger Solo-Suites for the internet company "Amazing Music World"   Sheet Music Now


Concert with BBC Philhamonic, (Walton celloconcerto) cond. Janos Furst

at the opening concert of the International CELLO Festival, RNCM Manchester.
(Honored with an "AWARD OF DISTINCTION" at this CELLO Festival on May 4th  
2001) Master-class. RNCM. (VIEW PHOTOS)

CD-recording of Scandinavian Solo-Cello-works ( Atli Heimir Sveinsson, Arne Nordheim, Hilding Rosenberg, Jean Sibelius, Niels Viggo Bentzon) on the label DANACORD. (View the review in THE STRAD, February 2002: "Erling Blöndal Bengtsson - a giant of the cello").                                                                                            

Soloist with Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Sweden ( 2 Concerts)

March 6th 2002, Unveiling of a PORTRAIT painted by Stefan Bløndal at The Royal Danish Conservatory of Music, Copenhagen, Denmark.

March 8th 2002, celebrating his 70th Birthday at a Concert with The Royal Danish Orchestra, Denmark.

March 9th 2002, Soloist with the Royal Danish Orchestra, Gothenburg, Sweden.

March 10th 2002, Soloist with The Royal Danish Orchestra, Oslo, Norway.

Aug. 4. - 11. 2002, Master-class for Scandinavian cellists in Oslo, Norway.

Sept. 14th 2002, A solo-cello recital at the University of Michigan, School of Music, with works by Bach, Britten and Kodaly.
Oct. 3.- 4. 2002 , Soloist in Odense and Copenhagen ( Denmark) with the Odense Symph. Orch. Uros Lajovic,conducting, in Elgar`s concerto.
Oct. 11.-12. 2002, A masterclass at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark.
Oct. 14. and 15. 2002, Two solo-cello recitals with works by Bach at St. Markus Church, Aalborg, Denmark.
Oct. 17. 2002, A masterclass in association with an ESTA ( European String Teachers Association)
conference at "Hindsgavl" Denmark, as well as a solo-cello recital in Fredericia.
Nov. 24. 2002, a Michigan Chamber Player recital at the University of Michigan, School of Music.

March 10th. 2003, "The Scandinavian Festival" Ann Arbor, Michigan.

April 17th. 2003, The Detroit Cello Society. Masterclass and recital.
May 4th. 2003, Baltimore. "Piatigorsky Centennial Celebration".
May 5th. Boston,  "Piatigorsky Centennial Celebration". (VIEW PHOTOS)
May 17th. Tivoli, Copenhagen - Denmark ( Soloist with The Royal Academy Chamber-Orch.)
July 2nd 2003, Himmerslev Church. Solo-cello recital in Denmark.
Aug.4.- 9th. 2003, Masterclass and concert at "Voksenåsen" Oslo, Norway. 

Oct. 2nd, 2003, Soloist with Iceland National Orchestra, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Oct. 5th, 2003, Kopavogur, Iceland. Duo Recital with Nina Kavtaradze.
Oct. 7th 2003,  Isafjordur, Iceland. Duo Recital with Nina Kavtaradze.

Nov. 23rd 2003, National Gallery, Washington. Duo Recital with Nina Kavtaradze.

May 5 - 9. 2004,  The International Cello Festival, RNCM, Manchester.

Oct. 2nd, 2004, A solo-cello recital at the University of Michigan, School of Music, with all 6 Suites by Bach. (VIEW PHOTOS)

Nov. 18 - Dec. 1st, Concert tour in Denmark.

April 2. 2005, "Star concert" in the Danish Radio, Copenhagen, Denmark.

April 2005, Recitals in Denmark with Nina Kavtaradze.

July 4th 2005, Recital in Herlufsholm church, Denmark.

August 8 - 13. 2005, Masterclass at "Voksenåsen" Oslo, Norway.

August 13th 2005, Opening of the Oslo Chamber Music Festival, Norway.

December 2005, Release of CD with Nina Kavtaradze. Sonatas of Grieg and Chopin for the label Danacord.

January 2006, Named "Premier Master Cellist 2005" by the Detroit Cello Society, U.S.A.

March 9th 2006, Soloist with Iceland National Orchestra, Reykjavik, Iceland.

March 11th 2006, Solo cello recital at Salurinn, Kopavogur, Iceland.

March 12th 2006, Solo cello recital at Isafjördur, Iceland. 

April 19th 2006 . Soloist with Tivoli Symph. Orch. Copenhagen. Denmark.

Aug. 7 - 13. 2006. Masterclass at "Voksenåsen" Oslo, Norway.

Nov.23th. Recital with Nina Kavtaradze. Fredericia, Denmark.

Nov. 30th. 2006 Soloist with Trondheim Symph. Orch. Trondheim, Norway.

Sept. 23rd 2006.  Receiving The IFPI (The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) Honorary Award  at a concert in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Nov. 2006.  Release of DVD, " The Cello and I " Celebrating 70 years on the concert stage.
March 2007.  3 recitals in Iceland. (VIEW PHOTOS)
June 3-9 2007. Masterclass (Piatigorsky Seminar)  at University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

January 20. 07. Presenting DVD at University of Michigan.

June 18-23rd 07. Masterclass "Vid Djupid" and concert, Isafjördur, Iceland.


July 5-7. 2007. Masterclass "Danish Strings 2007" Denmark.
August 6-12. 2007. Masterclass at" Voksenåsen", Oslo, Norway.
Aug. 14. 2007. Recital at Sct. Markus Church, Aalborg, Denmark.
Aug. 21. 2007. Duo Recital with Nina Kavtaradze, piano, at The Schubert Society, Roskilde, Denmark.

Sept. 6.-9. 2007. Masterclass and recital at the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, Stockholm, Sweden.

Sept. 21. 2007. Duo Recital at The Mogens Dahl Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark, with Nina Kavtaradze, piano.
Sept.  21-22-23.  2007. International Masterclass at The Mogens Dahl Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark. (VIEW PHOTOS)

Aug. 4.-10. 2008. Masterclass at "Voksenåsen", Oslo, Norway.

Sept. 24. 2009. Masterclass at the Reykjavik Conservatoire, Iceland. (VIEW PHOTOS)